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Shang Guan Ding Li Yan Lone Star

Among them those who scolded Tang Jianning were called “Ji Wenyang Chasing the Soul with a Hundred Steps” while others called him “Laoshan Yilin Qiantang” Anyway everyone was engaged in it Don’t know This cave is as wide as dozens of square miles up and down left and right Extending in all directions also do not know whether there is another way out Jianning secretly calculated hope another Find another way The eventful old man led him to walk in a hurry turning around seven times and Jianning could not even distinguish between north south east Natural Toxins and west Only then did the eventful old man relax In one breath he clapped his hands and said to Tang Jianning with a smile “Wazi!” I’ll tell you a big secret and you can come to me Tang Jianning had no choice but to stretch out his head only to hear him say in a low voice “The old man has no strength to tie a chicken Before you came just now I was singing purely” Empty city stratagem every stone in this cave weighs at least a thousand catties Teach me how to set up the array Jianning thought he at least knew the way in and out this can not help but secretly complain I am afraid to return to the original hole is not easy he slowly Tunnel “Old timer” Seeing that he looked surprised and suspicious the eventful old man was so happy that he clapped his hands and said with a smile “I’ve been in this big cave for more than half a month and I’ve made an appointment” Come and save me by chasing my soul with a hundred paces in the evening Otherwise how could I dare to make an appointment with these safe children to fight here tonight He went on to say “I have traveled all over the east and south corners of this big cave There is really no other way out but I find that it seems to be an artificial plan” Across very much in line with some part of the lost remnants of the array Tang Jianning was overjoyed and said “Is there another way out of the remnant map” The eventful old man stuck out his tongue and grimaced saying “According to the theory of deployment the other exits that should be there are right on my ancient map” In the incomplete part so Tang Jianning had no choice but to shrug his shoulders and said with a smile “Before I heal myself we have to wait for those people to withdraw of their own accord” Did you The eventful old man blinked his eyes and said “It’s exactly what I want A child can be taught” They continued to walk inside so around and around and after half an hour just walked to a place it was a dead end Tang Jianning can not help but be surprised Looking at the eventful old man in a different place the eventful old man shook his head and said proudly “This is my greatest discovery” You see He walked to the stone wall at the bottom of the road straightened up his toes and pushed it somewhere The stone wall on the right side of the passage with a crash went The two sides receded revealing a large stone chamber When the two of them entered the stone room the eventful old man made a little effort to plump his feet and the stone wall was compounded again Tang Jianning saw that the room was well organized He knew that it was the place where the “eventful old man” usually got up and lay down Inside the stone room the eventful old man seemed to feel that there was nothing to do and then he asked “Hey little baby” Did Ji Wenyang ask you to come “Yes” said Jianning “Why did you come for him” Asked the eventful old man “Where is he China Chemicals ” “I’ve never met Elder Ji before” said Jianning “When I met Elder Ji he was seriously injured” “What” Cried the troubled old man Wait you say it again
” “Elder Ji has an internal injury and his left arm is broken” said Jian Ning “He’s using his own internal force to heal himself” The eventful old man interrupted again “Hey hey this is strange strange *** Shen Baibo will also win the battle” Jianning said “Elder Ji asked me to come down and settle the matter so I’m coming He’ll be here in three days” Busy old person attentively listens attentively the appearance on the face shows very attentively at this moment extremely hurriedly waves a hand to interrupt “Hey you say how you can arrive first” From Yandang Mountain Where did you come from “What do you care” Jianning wondered But he was still patient and said “The younger generation Animal Extracts went to Yandang Mountain to look for the tomb of their teacher Yandang The younger generation was Li from Lijiazhuang in eastern Zhejiang” From Mr Ju Liang Seeing that he kept on talking the eventful old man frowned and waved his sleeves and asked “Hey don’t hurry Tell me what Li Juliang is first” People Jianning couldn’t help but be stunned He thought to himself “This eventful old man really lives up to his reputation Why does he like to meddle in other people’s affairs I don’t know what the elder Ji and How can you bear to get along with him He could not help but deeply regret that he should not have said’Li Juliang ‘ It takes a lot of talking to start from the beginning Looking up I saw the eventful old man looking intently at himself He was about to open his mouth Suddenly- Old Rain Building Scan Qiufeihua OCR Old Rain Building Exclusive Serialization Please keep this information when reprinting Shangguan Ding > > The Lone Star of the Wild Goose The fifth chapter is two generations Suddenly the sound of footsteps came from outside the Water Curtain Cave and Tang Jianning jumped up but he immediately felt that the blood vessels of his whole body were not smooth Unable to gather he frowned and asked “Does the elder know that there is a descendant of the Tie family in Tianshan outside” “I don’t know Tie Shi of Tianshan Mountain” said the eventful old man Eh! That’s strange I didn’t offend Tie Changyu at that time Jianning listened and cried “Not good” Someone walked into the stone circle outside the cave The eventful old man rubbed his hands and said “That formation is full of huge stones weighing tens of thousands of pounds Just think I don’t have the strength to tie a chicken How can I manipulate it” It’s all empty It’s just a plan “Then why did I feel so confused when I came in” Jianning interjected The eventful old man said “I think this formation was set up by the elder in ancient times but now it is less than one in ten The place you entered is just right” They are the only remnants that still have power and I thought they would be able to frighten them I can’t do it now “Why” Asked Jianning “Didn’t you say that the disciples of Tie’s Two Heroes had come” Asked the troubled old man Damn it that iron is really good at these ghosts His disciples must have seen through my empty city plan but- “” It was the first time in his life that Jianning heard such an old man open his mouth and shut his mouth He couldn’t help but be stunned The eventful old man smiled proudly After a while he suddenly leaned close to Jianning’s ear and said “However if there are no eventful old people in the world the two men surnamed Tie can be called Qimen Formation” Best in the world ha! It’s a secret and you must not reveal it 。

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